Flaming Hot Rural Land Market Slows as Buyers Pull Back

Research just out from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M by Dr. Charles Gilliland indicates that the recent buying frenzy is dying down and ranch buyers are becoming more selective.


What is the take away from this? It means buyers once again have the luxury to be more selective, taking their time to decide while researching their potential purchases. It also means buyers should employ their own broker so they can study a comparative selection of available ranches rather than just the one or two the listing broker has to offer. A Buyer’s Rep Broker knows to ask the questions that need to be asked about water, wind, past management practices, etc. Lastly, it means a return of the negotiation table where having an experienced broker familiar with the market on your side can make all the difference. Don’t rely on the coffee shop crowd for advice on this very important investment, call me.

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