Month: June 2021

Fawn Season; Pause Mowing and Shredding for a Week or Two

It’s that time of year again; time when does leave their fawns for a nap, sometimes in odd places. And either I’m getting better at spotting them, or there are more fawns this year. Two new ones on my morning walk today at Regional Park here in Castroville. So, leave mowing that vacant field for […]

Seeing the Hand of God in the Red Sandy Country

I am continually amazed and humbled to see the effects of rainfall on the red sandy country south of San Antonio. Just weeks ago, I was resigned to yet another bad year for Bobwhite quail, perhaps spectacularly bad. Yet, unexpected rains over much of the Rio Grande Plain have brought to fruition our meager efforts […]

Managing Bobwhite Quail on a Smaller Tract in South Texas

   Quail are in trouble in South-Central Texas and it can be frustrating to be a quail hunter in a poor year.  Perhaps the biggest reason for the decline in quail numbers is the fragmentation of the habitat across the state combined   Sorry, but not everyone can be an heir to a big ranch and, […]