The South Texas Brush Country is a harsh environment. Wildlife living there has adapted to searing heat, dusty drought, and changing food supplies. Managing wildlife in this arena can be as simple as setting harvest quotas for deer and as complex as stripping the ranch for quail.

Services Provided:

  • Population Estimates
  • Brush Management & Treatment Subcontracting
  • Fence Design & Pasture Allocation
  • Surface Water Subcontracting
  • Food Plot Design, Locating, & Installation
  • Grazing Systems
  • Water Systems, Irrigation, & Wildlife Sprinklers
  • Manpower Assessment, Training, Supervision
  • Wildlife Problem Solving
  • 1-D-1 Valuation Wildlife Mgmt. Plans

Services are provided based on an hourly fee, portal to portal, or payment can be arranged on a retainer basis for recurring duties.