Month: September 2018

Chapter 4, Choosing YOUR Ranch

Once you and your Broker have found several ranches that seem to fit your requirements, it is time to take a look, a “showing”.  A showing is when you finally get to take a tour of the property.  Usually on the first showing, both the Listing Broker and the Buyer’s Broker will be present.  Follow-up […]

When It’s Time to Sell Your Ranch

After 25 years representing ranch buyers across Central and South Texas, I’ve heard any number of reasons the ranch is for sale.  Sometimes the owners have accomplished all they set out to do, they have their trophies and have come to know all the deer on the place.  Or, they may get too old to […]

Managing Wildlife in South Texas on a Budget

You cannot help but to notice that the economy is in the news. On every talk show, in every paper, and leading off most newscasts is a gloomy report on the economy. If you have not been affected, that’s great; hopefully it won’t be too bad in Texas. If it does strike home, and you […]

Chapter 3, The Prospectus

Chapter 1-3.  The Prospectus The prospectus, or “package”, is a valuable tool in looking for a ranch.  When I started in the business back in the 80’s, packages were paper and consisted of a text description of the ranch, some deer pics, a location map, and a topo.  Now, with advances in technology, a “package” […]