Nature Defiant in the Face of Drought

Almost 70 years (in July) and I am still amazed by the resiliency of South Texas flora. As you can see below, Texas, and Medina Co. just west of San Antonio, where the Rockpile Ranch is located, is in a severe drought. Bluebonnets came up in profusion, but about half flowered weakly then went to seed while the other half made it to the one-inch rain we’ve had this past few days. But blessed as one inch is, it won’t get us thru the Summer and we need some serious rain.

Wildlife adapts to drought, (what choice is there?) and while some delay breeding, most species continue to try to reproduce. Whitetail doe are bred and the clock is ticking. Does I saw this morning look poor and will have a hard time raising young unless this recent moisture continues.

So, gloomy as this post may be, it is not yet time for sack cloth and ashes. South Texas has seen worse, much worse, and has recovered. Species in the Brush Country are tough and will respond quickly to additional rain. Stay turned for an update as we move thru Spring.

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