Month: September 2019

Mixing Business with Pleasure (and Ruby)

I had an opportunity to visit with an old Aggie friend near Devine the other day.  He wanted to know what the family place was worth in today’s market.  As a Broker, I cannot give an “opinion of value” as we did in the old days, but can still offer my opinion of what it […]

Book Excerpt: When to Buy Your Ranch

Section III.  Timing Your Purchase and Improvements Does it make any difference when you buy your ranch, when you high fence a ranch, when you dig a new stocktank?  In this section, I provide some suggestions as to when to implement your plans, either for buying or developing your new ranch. Ch. 3-1:  When to […]

Another Day as a Ranch Broker

Great day previewing a solid deer/quail/dove ranch in deep South Texas.

Ruby’s Opening Day, 2019

First dove hunt of 2019 tired us both out, but in a good way.