Another Day as a Ranch Broker

I had a great morning today, previewing a nice ranch in deep South Texas.  Miles of superior browse plants with an extensive water system, water being the limiting factor over most of that country.  Soils are very sandy, making good bird habitat, but poor for surface water. Happily, well water is readily available and sweet.

Should be a good deer ranch and, with minimal management, good quail, too.  I had to stop three times for turkey on the road; it is amazing how far we have come in restoring turkey to South Texas.  With solar power on a couple of windmills, the dove hunting at a dugout pond should be phenomenal, as water is hard to come by in this area, and any surface water draws dove for miles.

Stage Stop


Bonus was an old stage stop now used as the gathering place for the ranch.  The walls are two feet thick, with shooting ports at ground level.  Easy to imagine the settlers defending the stop from marauders then settling down in front of a fire to recover.

Living Room

Hard to believe that, on occasion, I get paid to do this!

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