Month: February 2019

Here, piggy, piggy, piggy!

As part of the monthly meeting of the Texas Alliance of Land Brokers, some 60 farm and ranch brokers were updated on current research into the “control” of feral pigs by the “chief pig biologist” at the Kerr Wildlife Mgmt. Area near Hunt, Texas. As anyone who has spent time in the outdoors in Texas […]

Ch. 2-3. Managing Vegetation.

   I’m sure you’ve heard it said that nothing is constant in Nature.  Your piece of Nature is no exception and is constantly changing, even though day to day it may appear to be the same.  Some changes are relatively rapid, such as grass growing.  Others are slower, such as the filling of a pond […]

Back to Quail Nirvana

At a clients request, I drove to Aspermont to preview a ranch that has just come on the market. Although a long way from South Texas, I always enjoy the drive and seeing some really good country. This place is ideal for quail, composed entirely of Nobscot sand, key to quail numbers in that part […]