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At a clients request, I drove to Aspermont to preview a ranch that has just come on the market. Although a long way from South Texas, I always enjoy the drive and seeing some really good country. This place is ideal for quail, composed entirely of Nobscot sand, key to quail numbers in that part of the world. Imagine the sugar sand around Brooks Co. and you’ll understand that if you have Nobscot, you’ll most likely have Bobs. Of course, quail can’t eat sand, so it is important to have the proper vegetation and this ranch was not a disappointment. Great grass cover with clumps of Shinnery and Mesquite. A recent wildfire did the place a world of good and it recovered nicely. Although the region had the worst quail season in 20 years this year, it will recover and I hope my client is there to experience hunting quail in the “northern quail nirvana”.

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