The end of a great era, Rocky Ranch is sold.

2021 ended with the closing on the last tract of Rocky Ranches, a six-tract accumulation put together over the years by J.D. and Carol Williams. J.D. was a D.C tax lawyer and lobbyist originally from Oklahoma that fell in love with the red sandy country around Pearsall. While J.D. wouldn’t kill a deer to save his grandchild, he hunted anything with wings with a vengeance yet exhibited a respect for Nature seldom seen in hunters today.

J.D.s favorite prey was Bobwhite quail, with Mourning dove as a warm-up. Management for “Mr. Bob” was inventive and intensive and I was blessed to tag along. Over twenty-five years we tried feeders, bush “control”, sprinklers, fire ant bait, burning, and wore out several tractors discing just to list a few of the “tricks” in J.D.s bag. J.D. drilled several water wells just so he could force Mother Nature to green up the pastures for his beloved quail.

Over 25 years, J.D. probably had 20 good seasons and a few exceptional ones. He was a phenomenal shot and had some fine dogs over the years, but quantity was never his objective. Regardless of how many birds were in the bag at the end of the hunt, J.D. always entertained with wit, wisdom and a respect for that elusive bird and the glorious South Texas brush country he loved.

I learned a lot from J.D., laughed a lot with him, and cried after our last hunt. I’ve lost a dear friend and mentor while Mr. Bob has lost his greatest adversary yet his greatest champion. There certainly will never be another like J.D Williams.

J.D. Williams

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      1. Good to hear. Yes I am good. Still at Fort Hood. Saw my first winter covey of 15-16, busted them on a prescribed fire!

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