The Psychology of Locking the Gate

I like to give clients a lock when they close on their new ranch. There is just something rewarding about putting a lock on your gate to your ranch. Sometimes it takes a lot of study, work, and creative financing to buy a ranch, but once done, the rewards are great, starting with locking the gate.

Inside that gate, the grass, trees, rocks and dirt are yours, yours to do with as you see fit. Want to dig a pond? Go for it. Want to clear brush? Knock yourself out. Pride of ownership is the driving force behind most if not all the ranch sales today. Nobody buying a ranch today really needs it to make money, nobody needs to profit from cows or deer, or crops. Ranches today fill a greater need than mere financial gain; they feed the soul and signify reward; reward for work, planning, and making it in today’s world.

Want to buy a ranch? I’ll bring the lock!

3 thoughts on “The Psychology of Locking the Gate

  1. Dad told me before he died that this mindset would come. In his day, land would make the payments and provide a living for several families. In later years, it took a second job to buy land. Now it takes a fortune and you say that land not be productive, just a play toy? You are the problem. As for me and my house will Honor the land and make it productive.

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