Covid Pandemic has a Silver Lining

With all the depressing news about Covid, it is uplifting to see some good come out of it. Across the United States, hunting and fishing license sales are greatly increased due to the pandemic. Texas is no exception.

This is good news for several reasons. First of all, it means increased revenues to Texas Parks and Wildlife and yes, I do include Parks. All because of the Pittman Robertson Act, signed by Roosevelt in 1937. This law takes the 11% tax on firearms and ammunition for redistribution to the states for their conservation programs. And the funds must be used for wildlife management and habitat restoration.

Secondly, it means more people are headed outdoors which I think is always a good thing. Not only does being outdoors increase your social distancing, it gets you into the fresh air and sunlight two things sorely lacking in indoor isolation.

And last, but certainly not least, increased hunting and fishing is good for wildlife populations while observing proper regulations. We forget that gaming limits are set to prevent over-harvest, but under-harvest is bad too and a proper annual harvest is needed to keep populations robust.

So when you head outdoors during the pandemic (and hopefully after it goes away), know that you are doing a good thing for wildlife, the parks, and the future of wildlife management in Texas. And remember, “share the heritage, take a kid hunting”, is more than a catchy slogan; hunting, fishing and just being outdoors with young people builds character, improves relationships, and makes for great memories.

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