Two Months and a Lifetime Ago

Exactly two months ago today, March 15, Eileen and I were enjoying Spring Break at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi.  I had recently helped close on a nice ranch in Bee Co., and Eileen was battling several “problem children” at the university, so the break was appreciated and overdue.

The food was wonderful, the weather just warm enough to enjoy the pool and the slots, while not “loose” by any means, were teasing us with the occasional jackpot.  We were at breakfast, two months ago today, discussing our reservations in New Orleans that night when, almost as one, we spoke of heading home, skipping the French Quarter and what I’m sure would have been a great meal at the Court of Two Sisters.

While there was talk of the virus at the time, it really was not widespread and there was not yet any buzz about New Orleans or New York or even cruise ships stranded God knows where.  Call it Divine Intervention or just the “willies”, we are profoundly grateful we decided to leave early, arrived home safely, and, thus far, have escaped contagion.

Life as changed for us as for all the world over.  Eileen now teaches totally online,  a “Zoom meeting” has become part of our vocabulary, and  I have a new haircut.  Ranch showings now are by caravan, with no hearty handshakes, no negotiations over lunch, and no drinks at the gate.  I hope this post finds you well and able to keep food on the table.  Life has changed and life will change again.  Trust in God and laugh when you can.


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