The New “Normal”


0o6rcdhe7q_xzsxrtqh2w5wm_aefdbu4jucxhrc-8fs[1]   As we slide into May with fears and frustrations about the virus and how it has impacted our lives, I thought it would be a good time to remind you that dove season is only 4 months away!  As always, deer will soon be dropping fawns, antlers are growing, and Bobwhites are doing the dirty deed as we speak.  Nature is unaware of the virus and the cycle of life goes on, much to the assurance of old wildlifers like me.

Selling In Spite of CV (2)

Happily, I have been out in the field showing ranches (in a mask!) and consulting on Spring plantings.  I admit to feeling blessed to have the chance to be away from talking heads, disinfectant, and endless Netflick splurges.  I will say, the ranch market has not really shown much impact as yet, although I fully expect more ranches to be reduced and we may even see some foreclosures.  As the market reacts, I’ll be sure to share what I’ve learned.

In “normal” times, I always attend the Rural Outlook symposium put on by the Real Estate Center at A&M.  I look forward to this event as a time to catch up with other brokers and to learn how the rural land market did the past year.  The much-anticipated closing act of the symposium is always Dr. Charles Gilliland’s prediction for the coming year.  Not this year.  No symposium, no glad-handing in the lobby, and no predictions; we are in uncharted territory and will have to adapt.  Below are links to two good articles written before the virus really showed up if you would like some review of the market we left behind.

So, life goes on; flowers will bloom, quail will have chicks (lots of them I hope) and ranches will change hands.  Stay tuned as the virus fades away and we begin to think of hunting season, cooler weather, and a return to the “new” normal.  As always, you can reach me at 210-260-4946 or go to



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