Easy Way to Add Wildlife Water in Remote Areas

A wildlife rain water collection system need not be a major project.  Below are pictures of a “wildlife guzzler” I build in remote areas that are short of well water or ponds.  FYI, a one inch rain on a 10 ft. by 12 ft. roof will yield 75 gallons of water!

Start with 6 “T” posts in a 10’X10′ square.


Use U-bolts to connect the sides.



Lay rafters and stringers on that, working towards a 10’X12′ roof.



Cover with 12′ sheets of tin and add a 10′ gutter.



Jury-rig a spout or buy a commercial spout.


Add storage and a feed line to a trough protected from feral hogs.




Add more storage as needed and wait for the rain.

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