Great Little Family Ranch SOLD

DESCRIPTION:  This tract is incredibly unique for two reasons; first, it has been in the same family since Castroville was settled, well over 150 years ago, and second, it is still in its native state.  Except for minimal roadways and wildlife senderros/food plots, the ranch appears as it was when first viewed by Alsatian settlers in the 1850s.

LOCATION:  The ranch lies 3.3 miles from the hamlet of Rio Medina as the crow flies and only 10 miles from the new HEB at Potranco and FM 211.  It has approximately 1,000 feet of frontage on Co. Rd. 366, a paved road connecting to FM 2676 one mile from the gate.

TYPOGRAPHY:  On the edge of the plateau overlooking the Medina River valley, the ranch is flat on the west, and ruggedly diverse on the east with elevation changing from 1072 ft. MSL to a low of 981 ft. MSL.  Of interest, on the east end there are two draws, one drains east the other north.  They share a watershed of roughly 100 acres, so a surface pond is a possibility, assuming clay subsoils.

VEGETATION/SOILS:  The ranch is thick with native vegetation.  Live oak trees cover the land interspersed with transition woody species such as Texas persimmon, Catclaw acacia, and Elm.  Soils are made up of primarily Victoria clay at 46.3% and the Olmos Association at 33%.

UTILITIES:  Water is provided by the Yancey Water System from a well and storage tower less than a mile from the ranch.  No other wells appear within a mile of the property on the TWDB GIS map.  The Yancy well, based on drilling reports, is an Edwards aquifer well, 1,475 feet deep with a static water level of 365 feet.

   Currently, the ranch has no electrical power, but an easement for two supply lines from Medina Electric Co-op have been requested of the landowner and granted.  When installed, one will run along the country road on the west boundary.  The second line is envisioned to run down the north fenceline, just north of the subject property line.

WILDLIFE:  Enclosed by a well-built, well-maintained high fence, the ranch has an excellent Whitetail deer population.  The size of the tract makes deer numbers management possible with family hunting and bucks can be identified and allowed to mature.  Supplemental feeding is minimal and need-specific.  Water is provided by Yancey Water up front, rain catchment devices in the back.  Other species include turkey, dove, and Bobwhite quail.  Feral hogs have been removed and the quality of the fence, with a 24-inch bottom “shelf”, keeps them out.

   It is important to note that the high fence has been doubled at three water drainages, protecting the main fence from a total washout.  In addition, there is a small high fenced trap in the north side.  This trap could be used for a soft release or could be baited to catch surplus deer for transport.

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