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Ranch Prices and the Covid Virus

As coffee shops across Texas reopen, talk will center on the effects of the pandemic on the economy.  Closer to home, my conversations with friends and clients often focus on how Covid will affect ranch prices.  A common hope among sellers is that it will have little effect while among buyers, the hope is for […]

Two Months and a Lifetime Ago

Exactly two months ago today, March 15, Eileen and I were enjoying Spring Break at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi.  I had recently helped close on a nice ranch in Bee Co., and Eileen was battling several “problem children” at the university, so the break was appreciated and overdue. The food was wonderful, the weather […]

An Investment You Can Eat On

We are unfortunately living in times of great uncertainty.  Concerns about our health, our finances, and our families and future are at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts.  I am blessed to have a small tract of land near the house and can drive out and escape the craziness on the web and on TV.  Should […]

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