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Spot Check of Habitat Conditions

In my travels this week, I have been from Castroville to Encino, down to Pearsall, back to Falfurrias, then out to D’hanis and of course to my small place south of Castroville.  Key indicators I look for are native sunflower and croton. Overall conditions are very good and remain green although there are some dry […]

Chapter 2-1:  What IS a Ranch?

Now that you own a ranch, what is a ranch, what is it you own?  A ranch, be it 10 acres or 10,000 acres is a living machine.  It takes in moisture and sunlight and converts them into food, food for animals, insects, and plants.  Such a machine is known as an ecosystem. A square […]

Chapter 1-6.  Actions before and After Closing

Once you have reached an agreement with the Seller and the contract has been receipted at a title company, there are several actions you need to monitor. First of all, ensure that a surveyor has been retained and has all the documentation possible to do his job. Even if the Seller is paying for the […]

Ruby Turns 3!

Sharing your life with a good dog is like having a non-judgmental best friend that just doesn’t talk much.  Ruby is finally out of the puppy stage and has matured into a companion looking for ways to please.

Easy Way to Add Wildlife Water in Remote Areas

A wildlife rain water collection system need not be a major project.  Below are pictures of a “wildlife guzzler” I build in remote areas that are short of well water or ponds.  FYI, a one inch rain on a 10 ft. by 12 ft. roof will yield 75 gallons of water! Start with 6 “T” […]

Chapter 5: Making the Deal

After an exhaustive search, you’ve found a ranch located in the area you want, priced no more than 20% above your purchase limit, and has the soils, vegetation, and improvements that you desire.  More importantly, you “like” this ranch.  It is time to buy the place and get on with enjoying it. The Farm and […]

Chapter 4, Choosing YOUR Ranch

Once you and your Broker have found several ranches that seem to fit your requirements, it is time to take a look, a “showing”.  A showing is when you finally get to take a tour of the property.  Usually on the first showing, both the Listing Broker and the Buyer’s Broker will be present.  Follow-up […]

When It’s Time to Sell Your Ranch

After 25 years representing ranch buyers across Central and South Texas, I’ve heard any number of reasons the ranch is for sale.  Sometimes the owners have accomplished all they set out to do, they have their trophies and have come to know all the deer on the place.  Or, they may get too old to […]

Living With the Sleeping Giant, Buying a Ranch in the Eagle Ford

As a ranch broker with 25 years’ experience in South Texas, and a Certified Wildlife Biologist specializing in the red sandy country, my business has been directly impacted by the recent developments over the Eagle Ford Shale.  I remember the last oil boom, the Austin Chalk.  Although on a smaller scale, that boom occurred over […]