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The South Texas Sand Sheet, What’s the Big Deal?

As a certified wildlife biologist representing ranch buyers, particularly those wanting to hunt Bobwhite quail, I am often tasked with finding something in the “sand sheet”.  What is the sand sheet and why does it have the reputation of being the very best quail country in Texas, or the world for that matter?   The […]

Nature Defiant in the Face of Drought

Almost 70 years (in July) and I am still amazed by the resiliency of South Texas flora. As you can see below, Texas, and Medina Co. just west of San Antonio, where the Rockpile Ranch is located, is in a severe drought. Bluebonnets came up in profusion, but about half flowered weakly then went to […]

Flaming Hot Rural Land Market Slows as Buyers Pull Back

Research just out from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M by Dr. Charles Gilliland indicates that the recent buying frenzy is dying down and ranch buyers are becoming more selective. What is the take away from this? It means buyers once again have the luxury to be more selective, taking their time to […]

A Ranch Contract Starts With 11 Pages of Fine Print; You Need Representation.

Ranch brokers in Texas are required to use contracts formulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. The Farm and Ranch contract runs to 11 pages and with addendums and exhibits, can grow to 20 pages. Even at that, not every aspect of the land is addressed leaving a lot of questions. And, while calling in […]

Was Yesterday The Best Time To Buy A Ranch? Land Market Continues To Strengthen!

As a ranch buyer’s rep, I am frequently asked when the ranch market will soften or even crash with all the uncertainty in the world today. The answer is, “not yet”, and if 2008 is any indication, it won’t soften or crash. Long gone are the “mom and pop” ranches where the family had to […]

Opening Day! Take a Kid Hunting!

Hunting is a great way to get young people outside and learn stewardship of Nature.

Drought, Heat, and now, Termites!

I moved my “rental cows” to my best pasture today, a plot of good carry-over grass from last year. While I was saving the pasture for later, agricultural termites have moved in and are quickly spreading. Nothing but a good rain will subdue them, so the cows need to graze what little grass is left. […]

Long Term Effects of Good fences and Poor Management

Driving on a back road yesterday, I noticed a glaring example of poor grazing management. One side with thick carry over forage from last year, one side bare dirt. I know we are in a drought, I know some managers are hurting financially, but overgrazing is never the answer. Admittedly, the one on the left […]

Baby Fawns Everywhere, Be Careful and Hold Up On Mowing

It’s that time of year, fawns are starting to drop and we Humans need to be very observant and cautious. Fawns are left by the does between feedings, sometimes well-hidden, sometimes not. Natural camouflage works in most instances, but they can be left out in the open, too. Please refrain from shredding for a few […]

Has Texas’ land rush run its course? Record year ends with quarterly sales decline

NEWS RELEASE FROM THE REAL ESTATE CENTER AT TEXAS A&M  A year in which Texas rural land sales reached unprecedented highs ended with a surprising slowdown. Total land sales for 2021 surpassed 2020 by 17.8 percent. That was despite a fourth quarter with 953 fewer sales than the same period of 2020. “There were 9,055 […]