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Dove Season Starts Tomorrow; Is Fido Ready?

          With the opening of the North Zone tomorrow, thousands of Texans will be heading afield in search of dove.  Lucky hunters will enjoy the companionship of a dog.  It is critical to watch your dog closely for heat exhaustion.  Many retrievers are also house dogs and have been inside so […]

Rejuvenating Walk at the Ranch Today with Ruby

Instead of listening to the incessant empty talking heads of the media, I took an extra long walk at the ranch today to restore tranquility. I’d much rather look at Ruby’s butt moving through the brush than anything on TV or the web. Said an extra prayer for a peaceful election, but doubt I have […]

Ruby is Five Years Old Today!

Such an amazing dog that has enriched and no doubt lengthened my life. A bit standoffish at first, she has warmed up to me and Eileen a lot in five years. Sometimes, she still thinks she is a puppy and curls up in her tiny puppy bed. Other times, she is the Master of the […]

Bootcamp for Ruby (and her boss!)

In spite of Covid and social unrest, my thoughts are turning to a cold drink and a hot shotgun on the edge of a stocktank or sunflower field.  Summer is upon us and we only have to endure another six weeks and bird season is here!  What better way to social distance than sitting on […]

Uncertain About the Economy? Covid Got You Spooked? Buy a Ranch!

Below are my sales for the last several years.  I deal in ranches from 200 acres and up, and work with buyers who primarily want their ranch for wildlife enjoyment, with or without extensive management.  The buyers come from all walks of life; some pay cash, some use financing, all variations with wildlife as the […]

Merry Christmas from Quailpro, LLC

Best wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas from Jim (and Ruby) at Quailpro.  Back at selling good ranch properties after the 1st and praying for some serious rain across Texas to make my job easier!

Mixing Business with Pleasure (and Ruby)

I had an opportunity to visit with an old Aggie friend near Devine the other day.  He wanted to know what the family place was worth in today’s market.  As a Broker, I cannot give an “opinion of value” as we did in the old days, but can still offer my opinion of what it […]

Ruby’s Opening Day, 2019

First dove hunt of 2019 tired us both out, but in a good way.

Acclimate That Fat Retriever

Time to get yourself, and your dog, in shape for Dove season.