The Mack Ranch

1140 CR 5232 D'hanis TX 78850

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Property Details

  • County: Medina
  • Address: 1140 CR 5232
  • Zip: 78850
  • Type: Farm and Ranch
  • City: D'hanis
  • Price: Call for Price
  • Acres: 1,113
  • State/Zip: TX 78850
  • Status: Available

Property Description

DESCRIPTION: The Mack Ranch is a rare example of the transition zone between the fertile farmland of the Seco Creek valley and the gravelly ridges which define it. The NE corner is only 500 feet from the Seco, and parts of the ranch reflect a riparian influence.

Assembled from two tracts by the Seller some 12 years ago, the Mack Ranch has been wisely managed for family use and wildlife productivity. Money spent has been towards the important aspects of any South Texas ranch; water, roads, and habitat management. You will not find a better example of a SW Medina Co. ranch on the market today and you won’t be paying for somebody’s “McMansion”.

LOCATION: This ranch is located on Deer Creek Rd., a paved county road, about 6 miles south of D’hanis, Texas and U.S. Hwy. 90. Seller believes he has emergency access from the west, should the Seco Creek experience a rise. Usually, the Seco stays well below the water crossing and has not been a problem for the Seller.

SOILS/TOPOGRAPHY: The ranch is comprised of 12 soils, ranging from clay to clay loam to gravelly clay. This is reflective of the topography, which is magnificent. Elevation changes some 156 feet on this ranch, from 802 ft. MSL near the Seco to 958 ft. at the high point. Views of the Seco Valley and the surrounding area are stunning.

VEGETATION: Dictated by soils, topography, and God, the ranch has incredible diversity it its vegetation, particularly the brush. All prime browse species are found on this ranch in a good mix distributed across the ranch. To improve access, lower browse growing tips, and increase forbs, the owner has spent years selectively clearing the better soils and parts of the ranch simply inaccessible due to brush density. Today, the combination of roads, senderros, and fields totals about a third of the ranch. The remainder varies from lightly brushy to so thick you cannot walk in it upright, if at all. The owners have said it is not uncommon to see a distinct buck only once in its lifetime and of course many are never seen by Man.

WATER: As water dictates wildlife distribution and fulfillment, the owner has over time installed a 2-inch PVC water system which effectively provides water to the entire ranch and 9 earthen water sources for wildlife. Ranging from potholes to the main lake at 4-5 acres, water is available year ‘round on the Mack Ranch. The system is based on a well that was in place when Mr. Mack bought the ranch. It is either and Edwards aquifer or Escondido aquifer well, depending on depth and was originally drilled to maintain the main lake. That lake leaked excessively and required a good deal of supplementation. Mr. Mack repaired the dam, stopped the leak, and now has surplus water for wildlife use. The well has never been recorded by the State and output reported to be 300 gpm has never been confirmed. It has only been repaired once in 13 years and has adequate pressure to top the highest hill with a good flow.

IMPROVEMENTS: As mentioned, the money invested in improvements has for the most part emphasized wildlife. The ranch is high fenced in three sections; the two main parcels, 568.813 acres on the north and 544.46 acres on the south, and a 170-acre trap in the NW corner of the northern tract. Fences range from new to minimally functional with the majority being in good condition. There is an “airlock” or limited release pen between the two main tracts. Currently, the fence between the two main parcels is open but it could easily be repaired and closed, giving the owner three management pastures.

Housing consists of two manufactured homes with modest furnishings, CA/H, and covered porches. There is also a covered patio and boat dock on the main lake. Perhaps the prize improvement is the large metal barn co-located with the houses. This barn has a walk-in cooler/cleaning station, open work area and lots of secure storage for vehicles and equipment. There is also a flight pen for quail and additional sheds/storage.

Wildlife: With the extraordinary diversity and superior browse on this ranch, those who want to produce massive Whitetail deer “naturally” can do so with numbers management. This is the reasoning behind the extensive senderro system as it allows hunters to selectively remove deer who would otherwise remain unseen. The ranch is currently under a Level 3 MLDP and has been so for 8 years. Records are available. The owner uses paying bow hunters for most of the season to keep it quiet on the ranch, switching to guns for “clean-up”. Outside genetics have been released onto the ranch, although the 170 acre trap contains only “native” genetics.

Dove and quail can be plentiful, but hunting can be difficult except in open areas. Some of the fields have irrigation capability, using a roll gun, and can be managed for small grains or sunflower. Turkey roam the ranch and can be easily hunted in the bottoms. Feral hogs, while present, do not seem to be that numerous and sign is nominal.

The ranch has a decent system of blinds and feeders with 8 elevated blinds and 10 free-flow protein feeders. Fishing is good in the larger ponds and the main lake has produced trophy bass in the past (personal experience).

MINERALS: The Seller believes he owns 5/8 of the minerals on the northern tract and 50% of the minerals on the south. There is no production, no leases, and no evidence of previous exploration.

PRICE/TERMS: Asking price is $5,826/ac. or $6,490,000.00. Seller will consider dividing along original tract lines and will provide a new survey and title policy. Seller plans to use a portion of the proceeds in a 1031 exchange at no cost to the buyer.

NOTE: While gathered from sources deemed reliable, this information is not guaranteed and is subject to change at any time without notice. Quailpro, LLC represents the seller and will cooperate with buyer brokers if said brokers accompany buyers on all showings and participate in the negotiation process.

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